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Day 10: Leaving Cody and altered plans

Have I told you that I love Cody? Here is another reason why:

Cody is so awesome even the citizens don't want it to change!

Originally, we had planned to go to the Dinosaur National Monument in Utah/Colorado. It is right on the border of the two states. When I planned the trip, I read it closed at 5pm. My husband looked it up and said it was opened 24/7, so we didn't worry about the time we left. It turns out we were both right but the shuttle to go to the quarry to see the really cool stuff stopped around 5pm. We re-evaluated and decided to leave later and not rush to get anywhere. We skipped the Dinosaur National Monument and head for Dodge City and stay over along the way.

We had thought all along that we would just find a rest stop and stay in the trailer over night. Well, we didn't see rest stops! We hardly saw gas stations. I figured out the route, found a campground just 5hrs shy of Dodge city (our next destination).

So, this day was primarily just driving. Nebraska had a lot of corn, cows, and wind!

Look close! There are cows, cows, cows, and more cows. They are packed so tight in these pens. We saw several of these farms along the way.

In the middle of Nebraska, we found a gas station that was just pumps. There was no building or employee, it was just gas. We filled up there but it felt so untypical. It was just gas pumps in the middle of nowhere.

There were very few towns and we ended up eating at a truck stop with several restaurant options in Colby, Kansas. It was great to get out and stretch our legs.

We decided to stay in Ogallala, Nebraska that night. It is pronounced ow·guh·laa·luh,

It was at this KOA that we discovered drive through camp sites. These are perfect when you just want to stay over night and don't need to unhitch. It makes for a quick get away in the morning.

We rolled into the Koa before dark and we were able to make dinner, do dishes, and stretch our legs before we slept. The Ogallala KOA was a smaller campground but it was clean and the people were very kind.

We were excited to get to Dodge City the next day and spend a couple nights there so we slept quick to get an early start!

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