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Day 11: Rolling into Dodge City, Kansas.

We packed up in Ogallala and started towards Kansas. The drive was uneventful except for the wind. The wind was crazy! We found that driving behind a semi or another RV was best for gas mileage. We stopped and got lunch at Five Guys some town a few hours before Dodge City. When we rolled into the Dodge City Koa, the guy at the desk said we could pick whatever campsite we wanted and then let him know which one we picked! This was my least favorite campgrounds. It looked newer and had so much potential, but it was severely neglected, one set of bathrooms wasn't even opened, and the fired wood was $10 (the normal price was $5). It was also the least busy camp grounds we visited! The perks were the water park and free zoo right beside the campgrounds! You can't beat free!

Due to the price of firewood, we actually went hunting for firewood and found enough for our stay. We love campfires and have them all the time while camping!

After we unhitched, we went to get ice cream and headed to the water park next door! The admittance fee was only $4.00 per person. What a DEAL! The temperature outside was very warm so it was very refreshing. The water park was busy but was big with enough attractions that we were able enjoy ourselves.

We stayed and played until the water park closed which was early enough for us to go back to the campgrounds and take showers and make dinner!

We used a Coleman outdoor camping stove top for our camping trip. Tonight, we made chicken tacos! YUM! Tacos are such a fun and easy camping meal.

Our neighbors were leaving and brought us over some fire starters. They were the waxed kind and they worked really well. At most of the campgrounds, the wood didn't burn very well. Having built a lot of fires in my lifetime, I am not sure why the wood didn't burn! We were grateful for the fire starters!

We sat around the campfire for awhile and then we headed to the trailer for a few quick games of UNO while Benny read a book. We crashed kind of early so we could get an early start the next day. It would be our last full day on vacation before we started traveling home. We had a full day planned.

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