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Day 12: Dodge City. Are the legends true?

This was our last full non traveling day of vacation. We were about to make some memories!

We started our day by making breakfast at the campsite. The campgrounds offered cinnamon rolls and coffee free from 9-10 but we wanted something with more sustenance and we wanted to start our adventures early! We went to the free zoo right next to the campgrounds.

It was an older zoo and didn't take long to walk through. I have never been to a zoo that displayed a racoon.

Have you? I think they may desperate for animals to put on display!

The lemurs were cute and all cuddled together.

Before I tell you about the rest of the day, I need to tell you that it was HOT! It was 108* so that altered our plans. We still had a lot of fun and enjoyed the day immensely.

We went from the zoo to the Boot Hill Museum.

Activities and exhibits were both inside and outside so that gave us a breaks from the heat. Boothill museum illustrates how the west looked back in the day! The displays inside the interior of the buildings were built to showcase the wild west we know so well from books and movies.

Here is a fun fact from inside the museum:

We thought we recognized some of the people on the wanted posters but I am still not positive if we knew who they were or not.

How do you like this chair? They had such interesting furniture on display!

We got to watch a reenactment of a western gunfight. Of course, they used blanks so no one was injured. I know you were worried that may use real bullets. Nope. There was no blood shed. They do 2 gun shows a day and the kids enjoyed it so much we decided to come back again for the evening gun show. Your admission allows you to be readmitted as long as you have your bracelet.

We visited the old saloon where the kids had a bottle of sarsaparilla and Annie learned how to do the Can-Can Dance!

Check out all these handcuffs and the young man that was thrown in the slammer!

We found a unique place to have lunch! We ate at the Central Station Bar and Grill actually sat in an old train car.

After we had lunch, we wanted to do some local shopping. It turns out that Dodge City looks a little rough and didn't really have touristy shops. We ended up at the mall where we noticed there was a movie theatre. We haven't been to a movie in a long time BUT it was 108* and we didn't have air conditioning in our trailer.

The water park was closed so we decided to go back to the theatre for a movie after we watch the second gun show.

Incase you needed proof, we took a picture of the temperature! We also found this really awesome locomotive to explore.

After the movie, we went back to our hot trailer. It was extremely windy and storms rolled through all night. I didn't sleep much that night as we forgot to bring in the towels hanging on the fence and the chairs. I remembered in the middle of the night. I was also opening windows when it stopped raining and closing them when it started again. It was uncomfortably hot which made us extremely grateful for air conditioning back home. Also, that this was the only day that was this hot! Most days were warm but the evenings were cool enough to sleep really well!

Tomorrow, we start home but I am sure we will find adventures along the way!

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