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Day 4. Mount Rushmore and more.

When you tent camp it is harder to sleep late. The campgrounds come alive when the sun rises and tent walls are thin! Not that I am complaining! We wanted to soak in all of the goodness South Dakota has to offer and day 4 was Mount Rushmore Day. The day we get to see the larger than life sculptures and not just look at the pictures. An epic event we will never forget!

We had breakfast as a group enjoying French toast and sausage cooked outside! My friend helped me wash my hair outside. I was still committed to not using gross showers. Please tell me I am not the only one!

We loaded up and drove to the national monument that was completed 80 years ago in 1941. We were all excited for this day.

Upon arrival we discovered there were age appropriate activity books for the children to complete and turn in for a prize. They took this task to heart and worked for an hour or two together until completion. As we walked the Presidential Trail which looped around the ginormous granite heads, they found space on a deck to work as a team and enjoy a snack. The trail was a great place for photo ops!

As you can see, the sky was vibrant blue and the clouds were large and fluffy!

I have to tell you, it really was such a fabulous day! We listened to a live presentation of how Mt Rushmore was formed. Behind the speaker was a floor to ceiling replica of Mt Rushmore. We also watched a video to learn the history behind the magnificent structure. The children were like sponges and loved learning the history and filling out their activity books. When they turned them in, they received a junior rangers badge.

Surprisingly, my children when asked stated both Crazy Horse and Mt Rushmore were amazing to visit but they enjoyed Crazy Horse slightly more!

After Mount Rushmore, we visited a few local tourist trap stores. Where my children forwent the normal souvenirs for things such as pocket knives. I guess they were inspired by the wild west.

On the way back, Ben took everyone the way we had come into the campground so they could experience exactly what we had experienced with the trailer.

At the campgrounds, we made elk chili for everyone and roasted hot dogs over an open fire. Of course, we enjoyed s'mores too!

The plan was to go back and see Mount Rushmore lit up at night but we were all so tired we opted for an early bed time! Tomorrow, we travel on to Wyoming! We can't wait to see what adventures are around the bend!

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