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Day 5: Wyoming! Here we come!

We quickly learned the more camping gear you set up the more you have to tear down. We wanted to leave by 9:00 am and I think we left by 10:30. But, hey, it is vacation, so no worries.

The drive to Wyoming was fascinating. We rolled down the windows at times to experience the smell of all the pines as we traveled through the mountains. The terrain was always changing and the view was spectacular. We rarely got reception because there were very few cell towers. Cell towers seem to inhibit and the technology distracts from the beauty of nature anyway so we didn't mind.

One thing we learned about traveling west, when there are less people there are less towns. When there are less towns there are less opportunities to purchase gas. Because we were hauling a trailer, we needed gas between every 150-170 miles. We had to watch the map and plan accordingly. I am so glad I brought an old fashioned atlas.

We also learned something else! Just because your odometer says you have zero miles to empty doesn't mean you will run out of gas right then. Sometimes you can get to your destination on fumes and prayers.

When we finally got to our destination, we had to wait to get gas because all the pumps were full. I am so glad we made it, I can only imagine what it would be like to push a Sequoia and a trailer or wait by the side of the road in the western heat.

We stopped at the store to get a broom and a few other supplies. Brooms are important when camping because dirt gets tracked in the trailer and tent especially when you have less grass and more dirt.

We made it to the campgrounds and our friends had dinner ready for us. We cannot say how much we love traveling with friends.

The Cody Koa is an amazing campground! There were 2 pools and a hot tub, out door bowling, huge outdoor chest set, a jumping pillow, free pancake breakfast, a mini arcade/ toy room, and very importantly 2 big buildings with clean showers!

We decided not to set up our tent this time. The older girls had a tent they were sharing so it was just 2 kids and Ben and I in our trailer. We loved sleeping in there. We do not have air conditioning but we did have windows and a fan! It cooled off in the evening so and we got to hear nature sound with out windows open!

Our friend's daughter had a birthday today so we all went to get ice cream (her favorite)!

Tomorrow we planned to just stick around Cody and visit the local attractions. There is a parade in the morning and we wanted to sample the culture of the western town!

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