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Day 6: Exploring Cody

We relaxed and took it easy in the morning. We took advantage of the free pancake breakfast at this KOA and the clean showers! Today, we were going to see what Cody had to offer and enjoy the perks at the campgrounds!

Our camping neighbors were very interested in our converted cargo trailer and asked a lot of questions. We gave them a little tour inside and we may have just inspired them to build their own conversion camper. If you are at all interested in converting a cargo trailer, there are FB groups and a ton of information out there! It is so fun to see the uniqueness of each camper!

We went to a parade in downtown Cody! I have to tell you, it was a very different parade than we would experience locally, The parade was very patriotic and a great representation of what you would imagine as the wild west.

There was a lady dressed in pink with a pink dog. She wore high heels the entire time. This was her 40th year in the parade! I am wondering if you can guess how old she is. I will say it again, she wore high heels the ENTIRE time! She is 85 years old. Isn't that incredible? If you want to know more, just google pink lady in Cody parade!

Many floats included guns and Native Americans. There were a plethora of horses and cowboys. It was just a wonderful experience on the eve of July 4th!

After the parade, we went to a More Burgers and Shakes for lunch. The service was a little slow and like many restaurants across America, they were short staffed. Apparently, employees were driving 2hours or more to help fill the gaps of the employment shortage!

These kids have the best of times when they experience life together!

We went back to the campgrounds and enjoyed swimming between rain showers. I made sandwiches for Yellowstone the next day and Ben took the older kids to explore a few stores downtown Cody. I also took a little nap. I guess I was still recovering from the day before!

How cool is this? There are bees in this hive inside one of the stores. Surrounding the display are products made of honey and beeswax! This became one of many times the children went shopping. They especially liked the shop with knives and cowboy hats!

That night, we had hamburgers. The children played hard and had very healthy appetites. Because we were going to Yellowstone on Sunday, Ben put a lesson together for us and we did a church service right there in the Cody Kao campgrounds around a fire. We then ate S'mores and crashed for the night! Tomorrow is the infamous Yellow Stone National Park!

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