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First destination- Sioux Falls South Dakota!

It was the first day of our trip!!!!

The trailer was packed, the car was packed, all we needed was overnight bags!

We got up early (too excited to be sleepy) piled in the car, and headed out for our long awaited adventure west.

Our plan was to go from Michigan, through Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa, to South Dakota!

My husband was a bit nervous about pulling a trailer but we didn't have any issues.

Well, until the incident with the toll road gate.

Be honest, has anybody ever had one of those toll road gate thingies come down on their car? How often does that even happen? Well, I never really gave it a passing thought, but there we were. One second the toll light was green and the arm was up and we were going through. Suddenly, the light was red and then BAM! The arm crashed down on our SUV.

It turns out that thing you purchase so you don't have to take a ticket. The device that is supposed to save you time and money and make things more convenient. That device. Well, it malfunctioned.

And, that is how we ended up on the toll road inching our vehicle and trailer in reverse to take the ticket that once again turned the light green. The ticket that made the arm go up and we could be on our way.

No damage was done to our car. And, yet the device malfunctioned. It was confirmed by the attendant at the next toll plaza. But, we were on the trip of our life and this was just a tiny hiccup. A story we will look back at and laugh.

We traveled through Indiana and Illinois, stopping about every 150-170 miles to get gas! (Pulling a trailer decreases gas mileage drastically!)

Once we got to Iowa, we grabbed burgers at Culvers.

Ben and Emmy enjoying our stop at Culver's! The kids always love the chance to get fries and ice cream!

Shortly after we ate, we passed the world's largest truck stop. I expected it to be a bit bigger. I mean if it is the world's largest wouldn't it be larger than life? I think it was slightly bigger than a normal truck stop but it is their claim to fame. So, we will go with it! Iowa has the world's largest truck stop!

Here it is....

The world's largest truck stop!

When we hit South Dakota, I was amazed to see 80 mph speed limit sign. How did I not know this was a thing? I instantly wanted Ben to drop the trailer and let me drive! I may like to drive fast and to go 80 mph legally!?! How amazing would that be?!

But, it didn't happen and driving with a trailer you get the best gas mileage around 65 mph. We will have to take advantage of that some day without the trailer! At least we went the night speed limit!

Our destination that night was down town Sioux falls and it was beautiful. I am not a city girl but they had art everywhere and the dining was fabulous. It was clean and the structures lit up at night! It was gorgeous. We met up with friends at a hotel to spend the night. They offered to watch our children and Ben and I got a rare meal out on the town. Our friends had dined at a fun Thai restaurant and we headed to the same restaurant.

Ben got pineapple fried rice with such a fun presentation. I had Pad Thai.

The kids had fun hanging with their friends and walking around down town. We grabbed the kids take out and headed back to the hotel.

It was our only night in a hotel so we enjoyed the beds, hot shower, and having a toilet so close to us. When we woke up the next day, we knew we would be sleeping in a campground for the next 12 nights!

Below is a link for a supplement I always take traveling!


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