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Getting to the root of candida

Candida is a huge frustration for those that suffer with the condition! Candida is a Candida is a pathogenic yeast common in the gut flora. When the gut flora is balanced, candida is present but does not proliferate or become problematic. When the body is unbalanced the symptoms that one can experience is endless.

Many people attempt to treat candida in various ways only to become discouraged when oregano, garlic, coconut oil, candida supplements, or the dreaded candida diet do not work or provide only temporary relief. Many spend years treating candida to no avail.

Many times the information out there about candida is conflicting. Even the multiple candida diets suggested online do not agree.

Why do candida treatments fail? Because candida is a SYMPTOM of a bigger issue. You have to eliminate the issue or the candida will still thrive.

What is the issue? Heavy metal toxicity! According to Wendy Meyers, “Another reason our body allows parasites and candida to proliferate is because Candida and parasites eat toxic metals. You do have to bring down your metal load if you’re going to long term get rid of the parasites or candida,” Wendy goes on to say, “Some parasites can eat five to six times their body weight in metals.”

YOU CAN HEAL FROM CANDIDA. I mean truly heal and not just manage symptoms! In fact you will never get rid of candida by just treating symptoms! The answer is really quite simple but is contrary to the current mindset. You must detox the heavy metals and toxins that allowed the candida to thrive and in turn restore balance to your body.

THE BEST DETOX is PBX! PBX stands for Pure Body Extra Strength which is a nano zeolite that travels to the cellular level and works like mini-magnets to trap, neutralize, and remove positively-charged toxins such as mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, arsenic, barium, strontium, and more, as well it removes pesticides, herbicides, mold and yeast toxins. Because zeolites are inert, they will travel through the body because there are no receptors. The entire process takes around 6hrs. PBX is completely safe and the use of zeolites are backed by over 300 PubMed studies.

Here is a link for an amazing deal!

If you are like me, you may wonder why

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