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My healing journey

As a young mom, I would start my day by running to the gym before my family woke up. My health knowledge was limited but I was doing my best to give my best to my hubby and young children. I loved my life, loved my family, and was giving it my all when my health CRASHED!

When I say CRASH, I mean CRASH!

It wasn't subtle or over time, it was sudden. I went from running our household to relying on a someone to care for my children while I struggled to get through the day hour or even moment!

For SEVEN long years, I visited a gamut of practitioners both conventional and alternative and tried way too many protocols. All this cost thousands upon thousands of dollars and led to little healing and accumulating diagnoses like adrenal fatigue, Lyme, coinfections, parasites, EBV, mold toxicity, bacteria imbalances, etc.

Unwilling to give up, I was relentless in my pursuit of health. There are so many on the same long and tiring journey that have lost hope. In 2019, I found my healing and am passionate about sharing that hope and path of healing with others.

~Wide Awake Mom

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