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Parenting Part 1: The parents.

I am starting a series on parenting so why am I starting with marriage?

Well, God's plan for children has always been that children have a parental team comprised of a mother and father. The father is the head of the household. Do not get me wrong, mothers are able to play a strong role but the fathers are the leader. It is critical both roles are apparent and daughters are taught how to be female and sons masculine.

Males have a God given desire to feel respected while women are given the desire to feel loved. This isn't optional, it is Biblical (Ephesians 5:22-33). You see this played out in healthy marriages and when modeled, children learn about healthy roles in relationships and in gender. Parents need to display their love and respect for one another! The children are watching and taking notes.

Ideal parenting is when God is the center of the home, parent's know their roles, and they are committed to parenting as a team. This is IDEAL and while we (as in my husband and I) fall short at times, it is definitely achievable. My goal in writing this series, is to give encouragement and maybe you will glean something from our experience and how we dealt with certain scenarios in applying Biblical parenting during this modern age of parenting. And, sometimes I may talk about when we fell short and what was learned in that situation. Yes, we parents fell short and sometimes we have to ask for forgiveness from our children. *GASP* Both children and parents learn from how we handle our failures. It is part of parenting too.

As I start this series, please be in prayer as I explore topics that are pertinent to parents of today and as I share out of experience and research.

Side note: There are many single parents out there that need our help. YES, they NEED our help! It is BIBLICAL to help orphans and widows (James 1:27). It can be as simple as giving them a break, being a male of female role model for the missing parental role, praying for them, helping them financially, encouraging them, etc.

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