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SAIL SCHOOL! A new summer adventure for our kids!

We feel summer should be a balance of new adventures and country time lemonade moments. We get 18 summers with each child so every day counts. Sail camp was a new adventure for us this summer. We found out about sail school in a homeschool Facebook group and the oldest 2 children were immediately interested.

The sail school was almost 2 hours a day so we booked a campgrounds for the week and made it a fun adventure. My friend and her daughter and my mom joined us which made it even more fun!

We got to sail school and dropped the eager students off at class. We then checked into the campgrounds and put the tents up. Neither my friend nor I had put the tents up solo before, but we did it! We finished just in time to get the kids from class!

The kids had so much fun! We went back to the campgrounds and made dinner that night. We have become pros at camp food. We had orange chicken and rice!

We woke up in the morning and made breakfast. My mom and my friend are more of an early riser than we were so sometimes food was already made by the time we got up!

We dropped the kids off at sail camp and went exploring until we found a wonderful beach. We relaxed on the beach while they had fun learning to sail! This became our routine for the week!

We read on the beach! We all loved to read and this was the perfect opportunity. As busy moms, we don't always get the time to relax and what better place than the beach?

One day we found a cute restaurant on the beach that was close to sail school! We ordered take out and sat on swings at the restaurant to eat.

The kids LOVED the campgrounds and found time to kayak and try out paddle boarding!

The last night of camp was my favorite. We have family near sail school and we haven't seen them in years. It was great to see them, catch up and laugh together.

PS! I think I need to add that I love to be barefoot but I have discovered that pinecones are nature's legos. It is best to wear shoes when you are around a lot of pine trees!

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