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The maiden voyage of our conversion trailer!

We wanted to take a trip west. We love to tent camp but also love the comfort of sleeping in a dry shelter when it rains. We have a large SUV but long distance trips with gear makes the vehicle cramped.

SO, we did a thing.

We converted a cargo trailer to an RV. Blood, sweat, tears and long nights went to make this possibility a reality. We joined Facebook groups like crazy and researched for days and days. We had only a few months to make it a reality. We pulled off the walls and insulated, put water proof vinyl flooring down, installed windows, put up a ceiling, built a bed, built shelves and a changing room, installed an e-Track system and tons of other little things that took so much of our time. We LOVE the way it turned out.

Here is a picture of my husband trying out the bed.

We are a little crazy! On our maiden voyage, we aren't just going for a short weekend trip, we are traveling across country. From Michigan to South Dakota and on to Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, and all the states between and then home again.

We are ambitious and love to travel. We are loaded and ready to roll!

My sister in law made these wonderful stickers for the back of the trailer! It was raining a bit so we dashed out between showers. It started to sprinkle while we were putting on the last letters. I was wiping the trailer while Ben held the umbrella and my sister in law worked quickly! The end result was just what we wanted.

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