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What is a Qlink?

Have you heard about Electromagnetic Frequencies? Have you heard of the harmful effects of radiation? Every time we add a "g" to our cell tower frequencies the radiation increases.

Do you have any of these symptoms? I did!

My body used to shake internally. It felt like it was tremoring and I couldn't get it to stop. I also had many other symptoms on the chart above but this was my most troubling. It happened for days at a time. I went to sleep with it and I woke up with it and went to sleep with it.

I did 2 things.

1,) I started taking heavy metals out of my body with PBX (

Why is it necessary to get the heavy metals out of your system? Have you ever watched aluminum foil blow up in a microwave? Our bodies are exposed to toxins and heavy metals all the time and we need to detox so we are not MORE susceptible to the dangers of radiation. Check out this article ( )

2). I ordered an EMF blocking device.

I love this Qlink necklace.

It changes harmful radiation frequencies

to beneficial frequencies.

And, WOW! I really can tell a difference.

In fact, I notice when I don't have it!

Doesn't it look quite stylish? You can actually get one that is more like fancy jewelry and very discrete. I am not a big jewelry type person and I love that people notice it! It gives me an excuse to brag on the way it has helped me!

Many people ask for the information so here is the link for you to check it out! For me, it has been well worth the price.

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