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Three Easy Steps

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Our bodies simply amazing. They are made to heal. If we get sick or damaged they will work to heal. There are times when our bodies are too damaged to heal. This is when we experience symptoms! We usually turn to practitioners and start protocols to heal the symptoms. Holistic practitioners understand if the body is unable to heal itself it is due to imbalances within the body. The imbalances such as candida, hormones, gut, pH, inflammation, parasites, oxidation, etc need to be addressed to so the body has the ability to heal. 

There are 2 causes for imbalances that produce chronic disease with very few exceptions. The causes are toxicity and deficiencies and quite often it is a combination of both of them!  In conventional treatment toxins are rarely discussed because the "treatment" prescribed is usually toxins in the form of pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, if you look up the side effects of any particular drug/toxin you will find a list of symptoms that match many different diseases. 

 We are are constantly  bombarded with a level of toxins that has never been seen in human history and as a result we are seeing epidemics of life altering chronic diseases  many of these diseases have never existed before. From Lyme to cancer,  autism, MS, Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, and Alzheimer’s etc. and doctors have never found a cure for any of these issues and never will because they seek only to suppress symptoms.

Instead we should take a very simple 3 step approach as follows:

1. Avoid toxins when possible 

2. Aid your body in removing accumulated toxins.  

3. Give your body the tools it needs to repair the damage done by toxins. As this happens, it will resolve the other primary cause of illness which is deficiency.

While you don't need to know the following it can help make more sense of the above. Toxins obviously do damage within the body and there are 6 major areas of damage that weaken the bodies ability to do it's job and make it vulnerable to disease. They are as follows.

1. Decrease cellular Oxygen

2. Decrease pH, in other words increase acidity

3. Increase chronic inflammation ( the cause of chronic pain )

4. Increase oxidative damage

5. Suppress Immune response or cause it to be over reactive

6. Increase deficiencies of vital nutrients

Once the above happens within your body you will get sick and stay sick unless something changes. I will coach you through the easy to follow steps that allow your body to re-balance and then start doing the amazing job that only it can do.

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